Journey of a 01 year start-up!

Hello everyone. As you all know web developers are celebrating their 01 year anniversary. As the founder of Web Developers (WD), I decided to answer few questions in these areas: How WD was launched, main services we focus in, how we deliver them, few advices for start-ups and finally thanking every brand I got the […]

Learning from our flaws

I know many founders of startups don’t usually post weaknesses or flaws of their business. But I want to point out an important thing I have faced as the Founder of and would like to share it around. Having a portfolio I created that included a portfolio page for my future clients though […]

An average knowledge and an additional skill.

We hear words like Web Development, Web Designing and other similar words related to IT but those words tend to scare us when we are asked to study about it, if we have pursued a different field of study. We tend to question ourselves thinking if that content is hard or if we would not […]

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