Learning from our flaws

Learning from our flaws

I know many founders of startups don’t usually post weaknesses or flaws of their business. But I want to point out an important thing I have faced as the Founder of webdevelopers.lk and would like to share it around.

Having a portfolio

I created webdevelopers.lk that included a portfolio page for my future clients though only 02 websites were displayed there. After 02 weeks of my website launch, I got inquiries which was actually good for my business. Customers started asking questions, wanted to get more information and clear certain doubts they had. It went well. But, few clients wanted to see some of the work I have done. I have mentioned that few websites are in progress or to check the 02 samples under the portfolio page and so on.

Then I found out the customers who contacted me but did not order because their required website was not under the portfolio page. I realized I had not made enough samples for customers to choose from, in order for them to trust in my business and my work.

I have lost more than 3 clients because of that. They may or may not have been potential customers but I decided to build more websites, even if I had to pay for the domain and hosting or provide major discounts even if I didn’t get a vast profit out of it. Oh well, practice makes perfect right?

In the end, I decided it’s our talent that needs to be presented to the world. By doing so, we will attract a huge customer base that we never thought we could at the start.

For those reading this article, present your work. Everything you have done in all categories. We don’t know what customers require or may find interesting from your collection but have a good portfolio, with a minimum 10 websites (or whatever it is you are promoting).

When you know your business is growing and it is known by a majority of your target audience, then have a sufficient budget in hand to promote it BIG through Facebook Ads or Google Ads or under third party sites and etc. The start is always tough. But we learn from the mistakes and losses.

Write down: What went wrong and can you fix it? / is it worth fixing it? / If not, are there other ways?

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