Journey of a 01 year start-up!

Journey of a 01 year start-up!

Hello everyone. As you all know web developers are celebrating their 01 year anniversary.

As the founder of Web Developers (WD), I decided to answer few questions in these areas:

How WD was launched, main services we focus in, how we deliver them, few advices for start-ups and finally thanking every brand I got the chance to work with.

  1. How was Web Developers launched?

*In the year 2020. Launched on July 8th but the website was developed before July. The official launch was on July and social media page was published on 12thJuly 2020 (FB/Insta)

*Recall a skill and knowledge that was put aside

*Our main platform to develop websites is through WordPress (mainly)

*other platforms: research to see why the client requested that platform than the one we are provided, then we do a thorough study about those by comparing, coming to a conclusion which one is best, then provide that service according to the client’s satisfaction.

Summary – a project, a skill put into practice, a knowledge gained at the same time given out to the people to grow their businesses at the same time to explore a wider range of opportunities when taking your business to the digital landscape.

  1. What are the main areas Web Developers focuses on?

Domain Names, Hosting (main 06), SSL, Web Designing (portfolio, responsive, payment gateway, e-commerce and learning management systems) Digital Marketing (02 areas: designing, social media marketing, SEO)

These are our main services but we are looking forward to releasing more in the near future. All of this will be spoken in depth in another video.

  1. How do we deliver them?

Our customers can send us a direct message through the WhatsApp icon displayed on our website or email us to the following addresses mentioned on the site.

Email are mentioned on every social media poster published. But I shall mention the email addresses here as well: – Quotations / Invoices – Quotations / Invoices, doubts / questions

  1. What advices can you give for start-ups?

This is a business started during the pandemic and WD was just a start-up which now has reached massive amount of people (via word of mouth, friends of friends, digitally) and we also got a chance to work with good, popular and well recognized brands locally as well as globally.

An advice I would like to give is: “Start it! If it’s a small or a big idea, creative or not so sure idea, still bring it online and start implementing it. And while you do, keep learning new ways and be updated with new trends taking place around the world related to that business idea.”

  1. What are the brands Web Developers worked with?

*Study Solutions, Web Developers, Arch Market, Arch Pet Shop, Ushan Photography, Indra Motor Spares, Owl Schooling, Iseerolls and Hill Side Art Hostel.

There were very few clients who dropped along the way, not paid the full amount, requested for a website and after it was built they changed their minds but I have thanked them as well for giving me a lesson.

Lastly, I introduced Knowledge Corner which operates as knowledge videos which consists of the blog article, IT and designing related terms explained in the simplest way for clients.

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