An average knowledge and an additional skill.

An average knowledge and an additional skill.

We hear words like Web Development, Web Designing and other similar words related to IT but those words tend to scare us when we are asked to study about it, if we have pursued a different field of study. We tend to question ourselves thinking if that content is hard or if we would not understand it like the subjects we have studied so far. To all my readers, if you are ever asked to study an additional field which has nothing to do with what you studied or something to do with Information Technology, do it!

As William Cobbett said “You never know what you can do till you try.”

With that in mind, let me define the words learned so far, so everyone reading this has an idea on how websites work and what is important.


  1. Server

  • A computer program or device.

Websites are hosted on special computers called ‘servers’.


     2. Hosting / web hosting / website hosting / webhosting

  • Storage space for your website.

You will mostly come across 6 hosting types. (Shared, Virtual private server, Dedicated, Cloud, Managed, and Colocation).


     3. Domain

  • Address of your hosting server.

  • Domain & Server are dependent to each other when hosting a website.

(You can host without a domain name and access your website with your IP address but how many people will remember your IP address?) So, domain names are vital. 


     4. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure / Hypertext Transfer Protocol

  • Used for secure communication over a computer network.

  • Communication protocol is encrypted using a Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

The lock which displays near the URL to show your site is secure.

We now have a foundational knowledge of the essential components that is needed for a website. Check out the packages offered on our Homepage.

Author: Naila Bhatti 

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An average knowledge and an additional skill.
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